Couldn’t find any juicy games when I logged into Paradise so I played a $5 + $1 SNG. Took first place. My strategiology? I played almost no hands for the first 3 orbits. When I did take down my first hand it was pretty beefy and then I just sat back and only played the monster-type hands. I was kind of surprised when we got down to the last four players because they went ultra-passive. A jack shows up on the flop and you bet out from the small blind and the table folds. I used that to my advantage whenever I had anything better than 72 and I took down every single one of the last four players. Normally I would be scared shitless when someone pushes all in but at a limit table they’re going all in on the flop with no pair and high cards. Regardless, I still love their money :-) I made some major boo-boos though. Fortunately, the table was passive enough that I could bet my way out of them.