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From the Needless Worry Dept: MSNBC reports on the rise in popularity of poker with teens. Personally I loved this quote:

Dave Smiley, principal at Elgin High School in suburban Chicago, began enforcing an old ban on card and dice games months ago: “We’re like church, you shouldn’t be gambling in school,” he says.

They don’t teach math in church either.

From the Know When To Fold ‘Em Dept: Bodyguard for The Gambler, Kenny Rogers, lays a smackdown on a fan. Obviously not a big enough fan of Mr. Rogers since he didn’t know when to walk away or when to run.

From the Chicks and Chips Dept: Felicia Lee has a monster post on everything from being a woman poker player to giving up small edges via mistakes.

When you play poker, play your best at all times. Yes, you will still make mistakes, but you must absolutely play your very best when you play. You don’t have a big enough edge to make mistakes. When I hear players say, “Oops, I didn’t know he was still in the pot, I thought we were head’s up,” I want to cringe. You cannot afford to make mistakes.

Mason Malmuth announces a new Two Plus Two Internet Magazine and Forum.

Starting shortly after the new year, we plan to start an Internet Magazine. What this means is that every month we’ll put up 5 to 10 articles. Authors will include David, NPA, Al Schoonmaker, Ray Zee, and myself. We’ll also open it up to those of you who would like to submit articles.

Dotcom Kazillionaire and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, is talking about starting up a hedge fund that would invest in gambling.

Keynote CEO, Umang Gupta, closes a monster business deal because of a poker game. (see, it’s not gambling if you can do a $20 million buyout over cards).

Poker camps are taking over the world. Last month I posted about the sudden explosion in poker camps being announced by the likes of Howard Lederer and the WPT. Well, it’s not over yet. The Poker Camp is featuring a camp with Antonio “The Magician” Esfandiari and Lee Jones (of Winning Low Limit Hold’em fame). But wait, there’s more. CardPlayer Magazine is sponsoring “Ultimate Poker Experience” which will feature Amir Vahedi, Chris Moneymaker, T.J. Cloutier, Barry Shulman, Kristy Gazes, Bob Ciaffone and Mark Gregorich.

Just when it couldn’t get any more bizzare . . . Men “The Master” just signed a deal to “be the inspiration for an All In signature line of clothing, which will feature a specially designed gold version of the All In logo (a favorite color of “The Master”).”

Danny Boy gets his own online show. Daniel Negreanu joins Poker Updates in a new show called Daniel’s Corner. I wonder who plays the lead.

In other news . . .

Provo, Utah tempting fate by considering the lifting of a ban on dogs and cats living together.

After 100 years of thinking about the pros and cons of flying an aircraft while drunk, Pennsylvania finally takes a stand. Noteable quote: “The vote in the House was 184-10. Which begs the question: Are there 10 representatives who actually believe that a pilot should be allowed to toss back a few for the runway?”

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