What would life be like if your 404 error pages had poker player personalities?

David Sklansky 404 Error Page

Phil Hellmuth 404 Error Page

Scotty Nguyen 404 Error Page

Daniel Negreanu 404 Error Page

Political 404’s can be found here

14 thoughts to “Poker 404 Error Pages

  • Frank Nagai Jr.

    Doyle’s Page.

    You know, there used to be a page here, but I got tired of everybody reading my web page and then using my secrets against me. I wish I had never written the damn book, but at least I can get rid of the doggone web site.

    Note to Broomcorn’s Uncle. Don’t be so timid, click something already.

    (Sorry I can’t do vernacular, you get the idea. – FNJ)

  • iopq

    That’s hilarious. I liked the Sklansky one and the Negraneu one. The Scotty Nguyen one was VERY obvious, although it’s kind of obligatory you make one, baby.

  • StudioGlyphic

    Good stuff.

  • gracie


  • Sean

    Great stuff Bill!

    How about Sklansky, version 2:

    “This web page isn’t here. Do you see why? I’ll let others elaborate.”

  • Joe Speaker

    The contest is over. Bill wins.

  • Drizztdj

    Bill Fillmaff: You + Internet Surfing = Suck

  • iggy

    oh my – too damn funny.

  • Bill

    I like your thinking Franklin!

  • Joaquin Ochoa

    Too funny…great one, Bill

  • fhwrdh

    nicely done.

    if you do a volume 2 i’d like to make some requests:

    paul phillips: makes fun of the hellmuth page
    lederer: super analysis of motivation that led to clicking
    the crew: “we’re going to take over the 404 world!”
    vvp: “putting the twigs and branches over a regular page, trapping the surferinto clicking. now show tunes are going off in the surfer’s head”

  • thirstan

    What a great way to wake up :) Loved them all but Daniel is 100% on the button!

  • Maigrey

    Hilarious! I”m glad I put my coffee down before reading.

    (i hope this posts instead of getting ‘security code invalid’ again, sigh)

  • Easycure

    That cracked me up!

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