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Over on the BARGE mailing list someone mentioned that there’s a technique some folks are using on PartyPoker that I hadn’t heard of before so I thought I would share. Basically, if you push all-in in a re-buy tournament, while your chips are still in the pot, you show zero remaining chips which would allow you to re-buy. If you win, you not only win the pot but you’re credited with the re-buy chips too. So to lay that out:

You have $2000 in chips and you can only rebuy if you go below $1000. You push all-in and then request a re-buy before the hand is decided. You rebuy $1000 in chips and you win the pot un-contested so you pick up the blinds ($90 – assuming $30/$60 blinds). You now have your original $2000 + $90 in blinds + $1000 in re-buy chips, for a total of $3090.

I would imagine that this works even if you’re not all-in but your current bet puts you temporarily below the re-buy threshold.