It might be too late to catch it but they usually air re-runs from time to time on Comedy Central. There’s also a chance that they’ll have a video clip on the Colbert Nation website within a day or two (try the Comedy Central site for The Colbert Report too).

Good interview. If you’re already a fan of the Colbert Report you know his interview style; fast paced questions designed to throw people off balance. Annie seemed to do very well with it and got in a few good jokes of her own.

My favorite Colbert line:

Colbert: Poker is like an extreme sport. It’s like extreme sitting.

My favorite Colbert/Duke exchange:

Colbert: There’s a saying in poker, that uh, look around the table and spot the mark.

Duke: Yeah.

Colbert: If you can’t spot him . . .

Duke: You’re it.

Colbert: Right. Who’s the mark here?

Duke: Wait, are we playing Dungeons & Dragons or poker?