Here’s an idea that Paul at UK Gambling Forums suggested; Let’s shame these rooms into cleaning up their act. If you’re scratching your head and wondering what I’m talking about, check out this post regarding several online poker rooms that store your username and password on your computer in plain text. If someone or some software were to compromise your computer they could log into your online accounts and drain your bankroll. Obviously this a fairly serious issue. All it takes to fix this is to apply some minimal level of encryption. Strong encryption would be better but plain text is simply lazy and ignorant.

I have personally verified this on Noble Poker and considering I’ve heard other complaints from iPoker software sites, I’m assuming it’s the entire network. Click on the image below to see exactly how they store this info in plain text.

Noble Poker - No Encryption

Paul suggested a petition but I think a far more effective way to reach these online poker rooms is to hit them in two ways. First, list them on a website such as this. It’s bound to get the word out but if other people begin linking to it then there’s a good chance that Google will rank the page pretty highly and hopefully people will find out that these poker rooms are putting them at risk. The second is to list their customer support information so people can email them and tell them that their software is unsafe. So, without any further ado, here are some poker rooms that store your personal information in plain text:

Betfred Poker (800 780-9362)
CentreBet Poker
Diamond Poker (866-636-3533)
Kiwi Casino Poker (1-866-636-3516 )
Noble Poker (1-866-860-1181)
PlayGate Poker (866-636-3530)
Sports InterAction
Titan Poker (866-636-3510)
USA Poker (866-636-3561)

I’ve also pulled Noble Poker advertising until they correct this situation.

So, get the word out. Link to this page (use keywords like “unsafe poker rooms”) and email the customer support for each room and let them know you expect them to do a better job protecting their data.

PS. I would love to hear the responses people get so please feel free to leave comments telling everyone about your experience contacting these sites about the unsafe nature of their data storage.

3 thoughts to “Unsafe Poker Rooms

  • eridian

    better to go in a casino than a online poker site!!

  • StatikKling

    Basically mirrored your post on MattahFahtu and verified that Titan Poker does indeed store passwords unencrypted.

  • kipper

    Add to the list. I just looked at my registry.

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