Flopped set over set and then turned quads that make your opponent a boat. Yikes!  What an amazing High Stakes Poker hand between Daniel Negreanu and Gus Hansen.  Really worth the watch.

For everyone eho says crazy hands never happen in live poker, here’s your proof that they do.  Crazy hands don’t mean that the game is rigged.

6 thoughts to “High Stakes Poker Is Rigged – Daniel Negreanu And Gus Hansen In An Amazing Hand

  • paul jones

    that was bad, this is equally “sick”


  • Big deal

    Pffft, big deal. Ive had that happen to me at least 5 times online now. Three of them running cards for the quads after I flopped monster full houses. Course, the money wasnt quite as big. Daniel should be used to that kind of hand anyways, since he runs FCP. A poker room skin, king of the running garbage.

  • iamhoff

    Unbelievable! Sick is definitely the word.

  • joaquinochoa

    I loved that hand. Did you see me and Derek in the background waiting to get into the game?

  • HumanHead

    Hansen definitely had it right when he called it sick

  • Easycure


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