Really interesting story about some kids who decided to buy a video poker machine, decompile the code, and figure out a way to beat the system. Everything went according to plan until one of them got backroomed.

There comes a magical gambler’s moment when simple thrills magnify to become 3-D fantasies; a moment when greed chews up ethics and the casino system is just another mountain waiting to be conquered. In that single moment the idea of a foolproof way to beat the tables or the machines not only kicks in but kicks one’s breath away.

Alex Mayfield and three of his friends did more than daydream. Like many other hacks, this one started as an intellectual exercise just to see if it looked possible. In the end, the four actually beat the system, taking the casinos for “about a million dollars,” Alex says.

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  • Greg

    Great stuff, best information about the RNG that I’ve come across.

  • iggy

    ditto – enjoyed it.

  • on_thg

    Thanks for posting this, very interesting read.

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