According to, AJ Green the man behind the Absolute scandal took down more than the $700K that Absolute is reporting. A former employee (who may have a bone to pick) dishes the dirt on Green’s activities in Costa Rica.

While at, AJ had a portrait done of himself that hung on his wall over his desk. The photo was a picture of him “American Beauty’ style laying spread out on his futon covered in hundred dollar bills. Were the bills in the photo proceeds from the Absolute Poker Super-User scam? AJ joined the Absolute Poker team approximately one month before left Costa Rica for Curacao. While living in Costa Rica, AJ bought a house in Escazu outright with cash and no one questioned how a guy making $50k a year could do that. He invested $100k into Absolute Poker and became a shareholder of the online poker giant, still no on questioned where he came up with the cash. Could it have come from the Super-User scam? We would love to ask AJ that question, but apparently he is on the lam.

I’m not sure that I buy that the number two guy at Absolute and the man effectively running the organization was on a $50K salary. With the dollar being such crap he could get a job in a call center in Europe and make almost $50K.

One thought to “Rumors Put Absolute Scam at $7 Million”

  • Scott Matusow

    Not true, site was in fact hacked by an ex friend who was bitter with me over something, while Mike can be a semi pud at times, He is still my blood and yes of course we fight alot. Mike is not easy to deal with alot, but I got email with that blog and already figured out who hacked into our blogspot. some former friend who I happened to inform that Mike and I had a fight, which is about a bi monthly thing, and yes , Mike always fires me about 5 times a month and never really fires me. Mike is actaully a good hearted person who is a bit socially regressive and stubborn to a fault, but he usually means well.

    If you would like Bill, please post this what I said. That blog might of been up for about 30 minutes or less, I caught it right away.
    Most of what is in there is false. Mike answers most of his own mail.


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