General Ramblings Poker Travel — 04 March 2008

Some friends of mine had a party in Duquesa to celebrate dual birthdays. The theme for the evening was the film Eyes Wide Shut except without the sucky parts like Tom Cruise. I guess the only way this is poker related is that we played a tournament back in our hotel room before going to the party and I split up first / second place when we got heads-up.

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arrow 3 Eyes Wide Shut

Anyway, here’s some pics

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2305808810 a7a5fb5ff1 m Eyes Wide Shut

2305943368 f20d484839 m Eyes Wide Shut

2305415731 c8cd849778 m Eyes Wide Shut

2306127762 d2c71bd6a6 m Eyes Wide Shut

2305319043 850aabc458 m Eyes Wide Shut

2305299129 c96de0c59e m Eyes Wide Shut

2305223541 7a95e3ff04 m Eyes Wide Shut

Ship It Holla Ballas!


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