Online Poker Poker Poker News — 15 August 2008

The PartyPoker BBJP went north of $1 million this week and below is the hand that took it down.  Full house beat by, quads, beat by a royal flush. 

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arrow 3 Party Poker’s Biggest Bad Beat Jackpot in History


***** Hand History for Game 7299704817 *****

0.50/1 Texas Hold’em Game Table (Limit) – Thu Aug 14 23:11:13 EDT 2008

Table Jackpot 1419013 (Real Money) — Seat 8 is the button

Total number of players : 10

Seat 1: ShoulderGuy ($102.28)

Seat 2: bucktooth1 ($28.80)

Seat 3: judith75 ($67)

Seat 4: wisard333 ($24.90)

Seat 5: pelusin111 ($14.90)

Seat 6: DismasX ($35.25)

Seat 7: fkjnyh ($12.25)

Seat 8: hc8601 ($22.90)

Seat 9: Hiyaall ($28.77)

Seat 10: chimbila007 ($28.30)

Hiyaall  posts small blind (0.25)

chimbila007  posts big blind (0.50)

** Dealing down cards **

Dealt to ShoulderGuy [  Kd,    Kh]

Dealt to bucktooth1 [xx, xx]

Dealt to judith75 [  9c,   9s]

Dealt to wisard333 [xx, xx]

Dealt to pelusin111 [xx, xx]

Dealt to DismasX [xx, xx]

Dealt to fkjnyh [xx, xx]

Dealt to hc8601 [xx, xx]

Dealt to Hiyaall [  Qc,   Ac]

Dealt to chimbila007 [xx, xx]

ShoulderGuy raises (1) to 1

bucktooth1 folds

judith75 calls (1)

wisard333 calls (1)

pelusin111 folds

DismasX folds

fkjnyh folds

hc8601 folds

Hiyaall calls (0.75)

chimbila007 folds

** Dealing Flop **:  [  Kc,   9h,   Tc]

Hiyaall checks

ShoulderGuy bets (0.50)

judith75 raises (1) to 1

wisard333 folds

Hiyaall calls (1)

ShoulderGuy raises (1) to 1.50

judith75 raises (1) to 2

Hiyaall calls (1)

ShoulderGuy calls (0.50)

** Dealing Turn **:  [  Jc]

Hiyaall checks

ShoulderGuy bets (1)

judith75 calls (1)

Hiyaall calls (1)

** Dealing River **:  [  9d]

Hiyaall bets (1)

ShoulderGuy raises (2) to 2

judith75 raises (3) to 3

Hiyaall raises (3) to 4

ShoulderGuy calls (2)

judith75 calls (1)

** Summary **

Main Pot: $24 | Rake: $1 | Jackpot Contribution: $0.50

Board: [  Kc,   9h,   Tc    Jc   9d]

bucktooth1 balance $28.80, didn’t bet (folded)

wisard333 balance $23.90, lost $1 (folded)

pelusin111 balance $14.90, didn’t bet (folded)

DismasX balance $35.25, didn’t bet (folded)

fkjnyh balance $12.25, didn’t bet (folded)

hc8601 balance $22.90, didn’t bet (folded)

chimbila007 balance $27.80, lost $0.50 (folded)

ShoulderGuy balance $94.28, lost $8

[Full House -   Kd,   Kh   Kc   9h   9d]

judith75 balance $59, lost $8

[Four of a kind -   9c,   9s   9h   9d   Kc]

Hiyaall balance $44.77, bet $8, collected $24, net +$16 

[Royal Flush -   Ac,   Kc,   Qc,   Jc    Tc ]

Judith75 wins Bad Beat Jackpot – $354,683.57

Hiyall wins – $177,341.79 + $24 from the POT!!!!

All other players win 22,167.72

Ship It Holla Ballas!


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(4) Readers Comments

  1. 10% goes to reseed the next bad beat jackpot and 20% goes to the poker room.

  2. what happened to the rest of the $1million?
    I make that around $700K paid to the players.

  3. Yeah, doesn’t suck :-)

  4. Wow, pretty nice payout for a .5/1 Limit donk game…nice nice nice….

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