Speaking of the 2010 South Africa World Cup, Metro is reporting that gamblers in Africa are smoking dried vulture brains because they believe it will give them the power to predict the event winners.

I don’t to smoke any vulture brains to know the US team is going to lose to the UK Saturday night. :-)

6 thoughts to “World Cup gamblers ‘smoking vulture brains’

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  • Mike

    Smoking vulture brains to predict the future? That’s gotta be the craziest idea I’ve heard. LOL! But yes, you don’t need to see the future to see that the US is gonna have a hard time with the English as they are favored, but it turned out a draw. Now that sucks!

  • Luke Thomas

    Who is going to lose???? Ha!

  • Tim

    Hammy beat me to the correction. But you’re right….you are going to lose ;)

  • Bill Rini

    Sorry, you’re right. England.

  • Hammy

    *gasp* UK? England! :P

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