The Week That Was

First off, my apologies for not getting this post off yesterday. I sort of got caught up in coding mode on version 3.0 of Thailand Friends and couldn’t get into a writing mood.

Ahh, where to start? Hmmm, how about some (more) complaining about Feedburner? Since I last got my panties in a bunch I’ve watched my supposed subscribers go from about 1800 (which is about right) down to 900 then up to 5700 and now back down to 1400 and something. WTF?!? This is a Google company. How can the continue to produce such amazingly incorrect data?

And when you look on their status blog it hasn’t been updated in over a month despite several other blog publishers also expressing concern about their numbers being all over the place recently. For instance, Daily Blog Tips which has about 45,000 subscribers posted the other week about their numbers being all over the place too.

The best anybody can tell is that Google/Feedburner are adding and removing RSS feed aggregators. I’m sure that the intent is to give more accurate reporting but in the meantime it’s making their numbers more erratic than me at a poker table after a few beers.

Oh Feedburner, why have you forsaken us?

What else? Oh, I, thankfully, missed having to watch the US World Cup loss. That one was on too late for me (1:30am start time). But I did happen to catch England getting spanked by Germany. Good match.

With England and the US out of the running maybe numbers at some of the poker rooms will pick up. Now, if Germany would just lose that would free up most of the major markets. Sorry Germany. I’m cheering the poker rooms :-)

Dan over at Pokerati wrote up a piece on poker rooms getting licenses to offer poker in France which brings up an issue I might write about later. In fact, I’ve been hearing rumblings about this from more and more people in the poker industry but it’s not really hitting the poker mainstream quite yet.

The point being that with France and Italy both having closed off their poker markets and many of the pending legislation in the US aims to do something similar. For instance, in Italy you can play online poker but the poker room can only allow Italian players to play against other Italian players. I guess technically that’s not true. You don’t have to be an Italian citizen but you do have to be in Italy. So when a player logs into PartyPoker or another Italian licensed poker room they don’t see the Brits, Americans, French, or other players. They’re playing on a completely closed off system.

Well, the bill in California to legalize intrastate gambling would do pretty much the same for California. You could end up with 50 different US licensed poker rooms if this is the way things start to unfold for poker legislation.

That has some really interesting consequences.

Anything else? Oh, I don’t even know why I bother to read Gambling911 because it’s such a complete journalistic joke. I mean, if Wicked Chops had written the headline below I would have thought it was pretty funny. I dig their sense of humor. But this isn’t a joke.

Okay, that’s what I got . . .

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