I was scanning the news the other day and ran across something that made my heart start beating faster. The creator of such comical wonders as Old School and The Hangover, Todd Phillips, recently let it slip that The Hangover 2 is in the works and it will be filmed in freakin’ Thailand!!!!

I’ve shown The Hangover to a lot of Thai friends and while most Western comedy doesn’t go down well here due to the language barrier and many jokes about pop culture not translating well but I’ve yet to meet a Thai that wasn’t laughing hysterically at the movie. It’s still one of the biggest sellers with all of the pirate DVD sellers (which officially don’t exist because, well, you know, the government is cracking down on pirated movies and music here . . . sorry, I can’t even type that with a straight face).

I can’t wait until they start filming.

2 thoughts to “ZOMG!!!! The Best News I’ve Heard All Year

  • Bill Rini

    @Luke. Yep.

  • Luke

    Bill, do you live in Thailand year around?

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