Beat the Bubble

Have you ever entered a tournament and wished that you could exploit your other players when it came down to near the bubble? Even if you are a short-stack you could get really aggressive and try to vacuum up as many chips as possible off other players just hoping to make the money. The difference between your opponents and you would be that you know that either way you’re getting paid.

Enter Beat the Bubble

Myself along with several other industry veterans came up with a pretty simple concept. People hate going out on the bubble. We provide a way to lock in a win even if you go out on the bubble.

Here’s how it works

Before the tournament starts you come to and buy one of our bubble protection packages which is based on the the anticipated number of entrants in the tournament along with the buy-in. So let’s say that you’re in a 200 person tournament with a buy-in (excluding fees) of $10. You pay Beat the Bubble .50 and you’ll receive whatever the first in-the-money player receives (up to 125% of the original buy-in) if you go out on the bubble.

But wait, there’s more

You can buy protection all of the way out to three places off of the bubble. Let’s say that you’re in a tournament that pays out 20 places. You could protect yourself by buying the +3 package for $1 (200 estimated players and $10 buy-in) and if you finished in 23rd place you would still get paid out from Beat the Bubble as if you had monied in 20th.

A walk-thru

First off, create an account. All that’s needed is your name, email address, and a password. When you login, go to Manage Poker Accounts and create accounts for rooms you regularly play on.

When you’re ready to buy protection just login and go to the Purchase page.

If you go out on the bubble (or +3 of the bubble depending on your protection level) come back to Beat the Bubble and make a claim.

Once your claim has been verified Beat the Bubble will transfer to you anything owed to you.

Really, it’s that simple

Go over to Beat the Bubble and try it out. Forget about trying to hang on when you’re on the bubble and start playing the game you’re supposed to be playing.

Can you help us?

We’re still looking at how we can structure an affiliate program for this but if you’re in the poker media, have a website, or have a blog, and can help us spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, or wherever it would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, and don’t forget to “Like” us on Facebook.

Bill Rini

Bill Rini has been working in the online poker industry since 2004. He was a product manager for poker at Full Tilt and was the poker room manager at PartyPoker. Currently, Bill is the Head of Online Poker for WSOP.   Bill has been blogging about online poker since 2003 and is considered one of the leading authorities on the online poker industry.   "I like What Bill Rini said in his blog" - Doyle Brunson   "In other news, we had Bill Rini write an absolutely home run blog." Daniel Negreanu   "Industry insider Bill Rini has one of the most popular blogs in poker, with thousands of subscribers and fans regularly coming back for his universally respected insight into the industry" - Barry Carter (News editor for PokerStrategy, Co-Author: The Mental Game of Poker)

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6 Responses

  1. Yair says:

    Good luck Bill and the gang. Excellent idea and great execution (from the short tour I had of the site).

    @kim – it’s insurance. Of course there’s no ROI here :)

  2. glyphic says:

    Interesting idea, Bill. Good luck with it!

  3. Kim says:

    Haven’t had the time to think about it yet, but it goes without saying that any service that ads something to the experience of players of the lesser fortunate category deserves an appreciative nod.

    Nice niche thing seemingly well executed.

    Oh.. wait… hang on… there is no ROI in THIS!!


  4. Bill Rini says:

    Thanks for the compliment.

    At the moment it’s an algorithm based on the number of players and the payouts. In theory we could get more targeted like that but at the moment we’re keeping it very straightforward.

  5. Barry Carter says:

    Fascinating idea, I know people who do this in live tourneys quite a lot. Reckon this is the sort of idea that will be massive or die a death quickly (thats a complement btw).

    Would you in any way take into consideration a players stats/PTR/sharkscope etc when pricing these things up?

  1. May 6, 2011

    […] permalink I'd like to introduce you to a new site by my friend Bill and a few other industry folk. It's called 'Beat the Bubble': Bill has written about how it works over on his blog: Beat the Bubble ? Bill's Poker Blog […]