I was driving to work this morning and I heard a commercial for Commerce Casino. The ad said something along the lines of “Are you looking for a new home? A new poker home? Are you tired of playing for no stakes online?” It went on to talk about being able to play for real money and how if you’ve never played in a casino before they have introductory classes.

Interesting to see a land based casino use an event like Black Friday to hook players.

4 thoughts to “Even Land Based Casinos Are Lumping it On


    I have a feeling online poker will be returning soon. The government would be stupid to not legalize it completely and collect on some massive tax revenue.

  • Lin Sherman

    The two big local poker rooms here in the Tampa Bay area – Hard Rock (a tribal) and Silks (Tampa Bay Downs) have been plastering ads all over the local cable systems since Black Friday. I have no idea if this is working, as I haven’t had a chance to go to either. Both advertised some before this, but they’ve ramped it up a lot. Neither is specifically referring to BF, however. The ads are the same ones they were running before.

  • Bill Rini

    Taxes are owed on income earned world wide. The US is one of the only countries in the world with such barbaric tax laws. I’ve been paying US taxes even when I was in Gib and in Thailand :-)

  • KenP

    OMG, the big numbers you knock down with this blog are once again subject to U.S. taxes.

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