Interesting Question of the Day segment by Becky Liggero where she asks online gaming insiders their views about where the affiliate industry is headed. Check it out.

Question of the Day – What does the future hold for the online gambling affiliate industry? Video

2 thoughts to “The Future of Affiliate Marketing

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    My biggest concern with the affiliate market for gambling is getting paid by the companies for the work that you do. I have read stories about where an affiliate spends a lot of time and money marketing the site, only to realize that they got little or nothing, or there would be something in the agreement that let the poker company void the agreement. One person I know had his account banned and his commissions wiped out simply for posting his affiliate link on Craigslist! So, if you are an affiliate for any program, always always always read your terms and conditions carefully!

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    Not a fan of the auto-play in my RSS reader.

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