Last night on the QuadJacks Marco asked me what the next shoe to drop would be for Full Tilt. It’s one of the few times I’ve been completely at a loss. Every time I’ve thought things simply can’t get any worse for Full Tilt I open up my web browser and things have gotten much worse.

So what’s next for Full Tilt? Here’s some guesses:

DOJ files additional indictments against FTP executives for tearing the “Do Not Remove” tags off their mattresses.

The Weekly World News runs a feature alleging that Ray Bitar and Bat Boy are one in the same.

Howard Lederer is arrested in Mexico while undergoing plastic surgery to change his appearance. Strangely, he was trying to change his face to look like Jimmy Fricke.

Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is named as the mysterious potential buyer of Full Tilt.

Chris “Jesus” Ferguson has case dropped against him after offering to pay back players with fish and loaves of bread.

What are your guesses for what’s next for Full Tilt?

One thought to “What’s Next for Full Tilt Poker?”

  • bjpatel

    I love how Lederer and Ferguson had so much money however having watched them for years they are the most risk-averse and tightest players. I have seen both play super-tight when others are playing much more leisurely and interesting. They had tens of millions of illegally gotten dollars the whole time. How do you explain this? Do you think it is because they are Jewish? Please do a blog post on this anamoly. Best, BP

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