Seeing as how away from the office I normally just wear t-shirts or polo shirts, it might come as a surprise that I do have a decent collection of dress shirts. Most I had custom tailored in Thailand and just a little less than half I had made with French cuffs.

So when Noah, from Cuffitt, sent me a pair of cuff links to try out I was game to try them out.

Cuffitt, as the name might imply, sells cuff links. Their designs are a little on the fun and geeky side like guitar volume controls, Nemo fish, keyboard keys, Facebook like thumbs, and miniature poker chips.

Yes, poker chips!

Cuffitt sent me the red chip set which looks a lot like the chip used in the PartyPoker logo.

They also come in black, green, and blue as you can see from the image above.

The chips themselves are made out of real clay much like the kind of premium poker chips you might use in home games.

There are really only three criteria on which to judge a pair of cuff links:

a) Do they work?

b) Do people notice them?

c) Do you like them?

Well, you can’t really go too far wrong with cuff links. They’re not exactly complex devices with the exception of the complications one might run into putting them on. So they get a pass on the first criteria.

As for the second criteria, well, as you probably might guess, they get a lot more attention and comments from poker players than the general public.

As for the third criteria, I liked them and they seemed to get a lot of positive feedback. I dig geeky or strange cuff links. I don’t like stuffy, conservative cuff links because, much to the horror of people who actually care about fashion, I tend to wear my shirts un-tucked and with a few buttons unbuttoned up top. These sort of cuff links are perfect for that sort of casual look.

At $22 they’re relatively inexpensive and possibly a good gift for that poker player on your list or if you just want to treat yourself to something different.

I’m not too sure what else I can say about them other than to go check out the poker cuff links at Cuffitt.

2 thoughts to “Poker Chip Cuff Links from Cuffitt

  • Bill Rini

    It’s hard to say that they feel like real poker chips due to the size and weight difference (not sure you would want a full 11 gram clay chip hanging from your sleeve anyway). But the material feels like a decent clay poker chip.

  • April

    You like the feel of them? I’ve been looking for something along these lines as wedding items, and bonus points to any that actually feel like chips and don’t seem cheap and flimsy.

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