For those of you who might be looking for jobs in the poker industry, here’s a list of some of the latest offerings.

Casino and Poker Player Marketing Manager, Bodog

Greek Language Specialist, PokerStars

Client Project Manager

VIP Team Leader

Senior Technical Manager

Digital Project Manager, Bodog

Marketing Communications Executive – Bodog

Affiliate Coordinator – Thai – Bodog

Events Manager – Bodog

4 thoughts to “Poker Jobs – March 5

  • PokerStars

    Many thanks for posting these jobs, I have also noticed you have done this quite regularly. So thank you!

  • Brad Strow

    Would love to work in the Poker Industry, how do you find all these, do you work for a site Bill?

  • Bill Rini

    Hi Larry,

    You can apply by clicking on the job you’re interested in and then either clicking the title of the job in the job listing or following the instructions in the job listing.


  • Larry

    Where to apply for these jobs Bill, especially the ones Asia based as I am still a Phuket resident? I recently left the Marriott here and would love to get involved in the industry as it grows in the region. I hope you and Rob are adjusting well to your repatriation. Warm regards:
    Larry Pashak

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