I’ve been chatting with the folks who helped put out All In: The Poker Movie and I thought it might be interesting to hear from the director, Douglas Tirola.

I have a few questions in mind but I wanted to open it up a bit and see what questions you guys might have for Doug. Just post your questions in the comments below or shoot me a question via the contact form and I’ll try to put together the best questions and have Doug answer them for us.

8 thoughts to “Questions for All In: The Poker Movie Director, Douglas Tirola

  • Kralj

    Was this movie profitable? If so will you make another one

  • Carlos

    Who was the most difficult person to get an interview with?

  • Max

    How long did it take to put the project together? From idea to release?

  • StovePipe

    What are his plans for the future? Any more poker documentaries planned?

  • Michael

    Why don’t you ask him whether his opinions about poker or online poker or poker players changed after making the film.

  • Peter

    How did you go about getting all of those people in the film? How did you land Matt Damon?

  • StevenP

    Great doc. My question is, What was the motivation for even doing the film? What inspired you?

  • Andrew

    Why did you apparently give UB/Absolute Poker a pass, both in their Black Friday refunds and their cheating scandal?

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