Online Casinos: Hey Congress, Thanks!

Excellent post over at TechDirt. With the House of Representatives moving yesterday to try to ban online casinos in the US, you’d think that would be bad news for those casinos — many of whom admit the majority of their customers are from the US. Not so, apparently. The stock market has driven the stock […]

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More Details Emerge Regarding

According to Gambling911, the hacker who hijacked’s website earlier today might be an (former) employee. Sources close to confirmed this afternoon with that employees with password access to the domain name had hijacked the website, adding the ominous message. Gambling911 also notes that’s General Manager was terminated just a few […]

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After a little sleuthing (e.g., Google searches, etc) it appears that the earlier story about the F.B.I. takeover of is a hoax. Well, not really a hoax so much as not being accurate. At Poker Room Review, the following warning was posted: was hacked this morning and if you go to their website, […]

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How Can You Be So Wrong?

Ran across this beauty the other day and I couldn’t help but tear it apart. “Lawless” Internet proving costly for gamblers By Kate Holton Wed May 24, 8:01 AM ET Scary headline that grabs people’s attention? Check. LONDON (Reuters) – The Internet is a “lawless land,” easily accessed 24 hours a day without stepping out […]

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I Can Afford to Gamble

Interesting little piece over at CNN about the American Gaming Association’s survey which seems to indicate that people who gamble online tend to be more affluent than most people think. Of course, people spin things any way they want but the part I found most interesting was that the people saying that Congress should really […]

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House panel OKs bill to ban Net gambling

I think the part I like most from this MSNBC article is the following quote: “Virtual betting parlors have attempted to avoid the application of United States law by locating themselves offshore and out of our jurisdictional reach,” said Rep. Bob Goodlatte, a Virginia Republican who wrote the bill. The offshore companies use Internet sites […]

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The Absurdity of Anti-Gambling Laws

According to various sources, Bodog founder, Calvin Ayre’s mult-million dollar home in Costa Rica (‘dem’s US dollars, not Costa Rica Colons) to bust up an illegal poker game. Over 100 police officers raided Ayre’s home looking for any dirt they could dig up but eventually had to settle with picking up his bodyguards on immigration […]

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WTO Whacks The US On Online Gambling

Following up on a previous post, it looks like Antigua and Barbuda have successfully challenged a U.S. ban on Internet gambling at the WTO. Not like I was expecting an in-depth piece but the story seemed a little confusing and not very positive. For instance, the story states: The United States argued the gambling restrictions […]

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Web Engines Plan to End Online Ads for Gambling

Under pressure from the federal government, Google and Yahoo both announced that they would no longer accept advertising from online casinos. The new government strategy for putting a halt to online gambling is to threaten those who advertise the services of the casinos. As nearly all casinos are set up in countries outside of US […]

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