Bonus Whoring

Casino Gambling Web News Story Deceiving For Online Casino Gamblers

I know it may be hard for some of you to imagine but I’ve made a few mistakes. I’ll pause for a moment to allow some of you to come to grips with that or phone [...]

How to Become a Rakback Affiliate

At the meta level there are really two major ways to get into the rakeback game: 1. Develop your own accounting system and go negotiate deals with all the major poker rooms 2. Use a pre-packaged [...]

Why Affiliates Will Always Trump Online Poker Rooms

Before I got into the online poker industry I was always amazed at how much money poker rooms threw at affiliates. I thought they were stupid because most of the sites that were promoting them would [...]

The Online Poker Industry’s Love Hate Relationship With Rakeback

Exclusive Report Learn how you could make a living playing poker. There’s probably no single topic that divides the online poker industry more than rakeback .  Seriously, in many companies rakeback is a dirty [...]

Bonus Whoring vs. Getting a Paper Route

Abulafia made some interesting observations in a post that was in response to some of my previous bonus whoring commentary. Specifically he says: I’ve lost count of the amount of posts I’ve read of people multitabling [...]

It’s All About Class

Last week I made a tongue-in-cheek comment about my post regarding bonus whoring being the cause of the Empire crackdown. It seems my recent post on bonus whoring has set off a industry-wide chain of events [...]

The Wisdom of Bonus Whoring

Exclusive Report Learn how you could make a living playing poker. One of the common topics you’ll see mentioned in the poker blogosphere is bonus whoring. Of course, bonus whoring is the act of playing on [...]