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Sorry, but when using normal font weight and proper capitalization I still receive several inquiries per week so I figured that I would try to emphasize the point.

Google penalized the hell out of me already and my traffic dropped 50% overnight.  I spent the next few months pleading with them to take me off their naughty list so unless your offer has six figures in it . . . it’s not worth it to me!

Link Exchanges

If you are requesting a link exchange, please note that I do not accept such requests on this site. I do however link to quality content when I find it or it is brought to my attention. So if you would like a link from this site to your site, write something that I would link to. I can’t link to everything that is submitted but if the content is timely and/or fits within the context of a post that I’m writing then more than happy to work it into my postings.

With that said, I tend not to link to strategy articles or routine poker writings.  First off, this site is more about the business of poker and the poker lifestyle.  I find it rather rare these days to read anything about poker strategy that I can say that I find particularly enlightening or not said by a hundred other people on a hundred other blogs.  Obviously, there are exceptions but they’re quite rare so don’t get your hopes up if you send me a link to the article you wrote on why you shouldn’t limp from early position.

Think about it this way; my links are not meant to drive traffic to your site.  My links are designed to provide something educational, interesting, or entertaining to MY readers.  If you write some quality stuff that I want to tell my readers about the links will come.  In fact, 99% of the stuff I link to doesn’t come from link requests.  Good stuff has a way of spreading and somewhere in my network of friends, bloggers, co-workers, and industry collegues I usually run across those golden nuggets that I end up posting here.

Please keep in mind that I can’t respond to every link request nor am I able to use every link sent to me. In many cases this has nothing to do with the quality of the site/link rather it’s a function of time and whether or not it fits into what I’m writing about.

Article Submissions

I do accept article submissions on this blog.  However, I’m not stupid and neither is Google so I’m not posting any submissions that were written with the sole intent of boosting your Google Page Rank.  In other words, writing a post where you link to your website on a keyword like “online poker” simply doesn’t fly.  An appropriate link in the body of the article would be if you were discussing odds calculators and you linked to a page on your site that actually had an odds calculator.  See, that might actually be useful to people rather than randomly linking to your site for keywords you think might drive traffic.

I have a rule about links:  You are allowed up to two links in the bio area of your post.  Other than that, you better be linking to something of both relevance and value if you are linking to it in the body of your article.  If it doesn’t meet those two criteria it isn’t going on my site.

The bio area where you can link to your own website up to twice should be something like the following:

Want more Tommy? His book, Elements of Poker, contains his best advice in his distinctive style. Buy it from Amazon or personally inscribed from his website at Also at his website you can read his blog and all of his old articles, and find information on his one-on-one intensive coaching program.

Obviously this could be SEO’d up a bit but this is an actual author’s bio.  That’s what you should be aiming for in your bio.  Short, sweet, and to the point.  Again, I’m not posting anything that seems overly spammy on the site so submitting the following bio will only get you rejected.

Online poker site is the online poker resource for online poker players.  Online poker strategy, online poker news, online poker freerolls, online poker bonuses.  Online poker.

I have nothing against SEO but I draw the line when your goal quits being to provide value to the reader and becomes overly focused on drawing traffic to your website.

Everyone Else

Don’t get scared away by any of the above.  It’s just that 95% of the emails I receive from the site deal with advertising proposals and link exchange requests.  Unfortunately, 95% of that 95% are a complete waste of time.

If you have questions, suggestions, ingestions, or any other reason to contact me . . . feel free to fire away!



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