Meeting in the Middle

I try to steer clear of non-gaming related politics on this blog mostly because I hate when people dabble in topics they are ill prepared to discuss intelligently. I remember after 9-11, many of the technology related blogs I read came out with amazingly ignorant positions on what the US should or shouldn’t do in […]

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Poker Job Search Updated!

Just a quick note to let people know that we’ve upgraded Poker Job Search so that employers can post their own jobs and job seekers can upload their resumes and make themselves available to be searched for by employers. Of course, you can still use the site without sharing any of your information but if […]

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The Most Overused Woman in Marketing?

I know this isn’t exactly only poker related but the inspiration for this post hit me in a poker room where they had some sort of promotion going on. I advertisement used a stock photo of a model that I’ve seen in several magazines, web banner ads, and other various places in and out of […]

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Stingrays in Grand Cayman and Skydiving in Cali

Some more non-poker related videos. Here’s a video shot in Grand Cayman of a stingray feeding dive we did. The funny part is that for all of the danger people think is involved with diving with sharks I actually received my worst animal related bite from a stingray. While trying to feed one of the […]

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Shark Diving

Last night I did an interview for the Poker Affiliate Listings radio/podcast show and Jeremy mentioned my list of travels. Well, coincidentally I’ve been going through a bunch of old videos and such and ran across some stuff that I thought I would share for those of you who enjoy some of the non-poker content […]

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Calvin Ayre in Bangkok

Classic Calvin – Bangkok Delicacies Video Video by Gaming & Poker news – I thought this was entertaining. Calvin and his friend hit up Patpong and eat bugs. When people ask me why I like Thailand so much, this is it. You can go out and have a once in a lifetime experience like […]

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Going Semi-Dark

I just wanted to give everyone a heads-up that I’ll be going semi-dark soon. Tomorrow I have people picking up my computer to ship back to the US which means I’ll be iPhone and iPad based until at least the 5th of July. I’ll try to pump out as much as I can between now […]

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A Couple of Big Announcements

When I came to Thailand a little over two years ago one of the biggest motivating factors in that decision was that I really didn’t see much going on in the industry that seemed especially meaningful or challenging that I hadn’t done before. So I decided to take some time off and take a step […]

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The Hangover II and Reality

Okay, I’ve already started receiving emails from friends wanting to know how accurate The Hangover II is to real life in Bangkok. First off, let me say that it’s about as accurate as The Hangover was to Las Vegas. By that I mean that there are as many people stealing police cars, waking up with […]

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Happy Songkran

If people had been wondering where I was all last week, I was up in Phetchabun for the Songkran festival. Songkran is a religious holiday but over the years it has sort of developed into a three-day nationwide water fight. I prefer the Phetchabun type of Songkran because it’s civilized. In Bangkok, Pattaya, or any […]

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Fanelli ‘Found to be Sane’

Just a quick update on Ron “The Mad Yank” Fanelli. After five months of psychiatric review in Surat Thani Fanelli is back in Phuket prison deemed to be sane. Fanelli requested the psychiatric examination after saying he was unsure of why he did what he did. You can read more about that here: Phuket Wan […]

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Odd Hand to End a Tournament

I was playing in some low-stakes sit and go tonight while I was plowing through some emails and whatever and I ended up heads-up battling it out for 1st place with another player. He and I had tangoed a few times during the tournament and I gave him full creds for being a good player. […]

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