Heard At The Table

Blast From The Past: Best “Heard at the Table” Posts

You hear some of the funniest things sitting at a poker table. Stress, boredom, and alcohol often cause people to say the darndest things. First on the list was a co-worker and good friend who is [...]

Send In Your Player Notes

One of the guys I work with started reading off some of the notes he had taken on other players and he had all of us rolling.  I asked him to send over some of his [...]

Grandma Needs an Operation

Here’s some fun chat from a recent game: Man, I really hope I win this hand. My grandmother needs an operation. LOSES HAND Damn, no boob job for grandma. [...]

Horses and Donkeys

You can lead a horse to water, but only a donkey will follow you to the river. – Contributed by Chris@ What is this? [...]

Boobs And Drunks

Floorman! We need another player over here. Send us a drunk or a chick with big boobs. – Commerce Casino [...]

Tie With A Flush

I just lost this huge pot. I thought when two players both had a flush that it was a tie. – Commerce Casino, 2.20.06 [...]

Moving Money

Overhead at the poker table: I’m going to move my Charles Schwab account to PartyPoker. [...]

Heard at the Poker Table

“I think you’re bluffing but I can’t beat a bluff.” [...]

I Was Almost Crying

After busting out about mid-way through Grubby’s Blogger Tournament I played some cash games. Hey, I had to make back my rebuy money. Anyway, I’m on one of the funniest tables I’ve ever seen before. Two [...]