Is Online Poker Rigged?

Online Poker Cheating in the US

Alan C. Lawhon posted a response on a thread over at 2+2 and emailed me asking if I might offer some insight from an operator’s perspective on the topic of cheating in online poker and how [...]

Gambling is Dangerous

I ran across this piece of advice on Yahoo Answers. The asker posed the question: Do you have any advice on playing poker? I have played a lot of internet poker as well as with the [...]

Poker Bots

A really good article/op-ed piece on Pokerati about poker bots Tim Chilcote. Tim sat down with Darse Billings of the University of Alberta Computer Poker Research Group, the folks who created the poker bot Polaris that [...]

Another Rigtard Email

I constantly get a stream of emails from rigtards. Some I post but 99% of the rest go in the trash. I don’t know why they feel the need to write to me. For instance, my [...]

Playing the Lotto: ZOMG It’s Riggedz

I was reading an interesting article about a two year old study that shows that poor people spend approximately 9% of their wages buying lottery tickets. I’ve always felt that this was the cruelest joke in [...]

Sigh: Online Poker Still Isn’t Rigged

Someone just posted a comment on my 2005 post about why online poker is not rigged and I think it brings up some interesting points I haven’t necessarily covered before. So instead of responding where it [...]

Incredible Odds

I had the pleasure of meeting a local musician here in Bangkok the other night. Actually I had seen him playing over at Moonshine’s once or twice but he stopped in to say hello to my [...]

Data Mining – Does Isildur1 Have a Case Against Brian Hastings?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, the big news in the nosebleed stakes poker circles these days has been Hastings cleaning Isildur1 for over $4 million in one session. It’s since been revealed that Brian [...]

Online Poker and Data Mining

Paul Nobles from Bluff takes a rather interesting look at the whole data mining brouhaha that’s been going on of late. I started to leave a comment on the Pokerati site but my response started to [...]

Even Play Money Poker Is Rigged!

I’m not even sure how I ran across this but somehow I found this posting on Facebook. Claire Frampton (Portsmouth) wrote53 minutes ago my son was new to playing so i watched and helped him out [...]

Losing Wasn’t My Fault

Someone sent a link to this to me. If this is your pic, please ping me and I would love to give you credit for it. [...]

RT Hand Analyzer for Rigged Poker Games

Over the last several years I’ve done several posts refuting the argument that online poker is rigged.  In fact, I’ve gone as far as make fun of people who insist that online poker is rigged in [...]

Crazy Rigtards

Because of my Online Poker is Rigged parody post as well as the many posts I’ve done on why online poker is not rigged I get a lot of heat from rigtards.  Rigtard is a name [...]

Flattening the Hierarchy of Cheating in Poker

While I usually agree with Nat Arem on a lot of topics I’m not sure I can go along with him on his Hierarchy of Cheating in Poker. In case you are too lazy to go [...]

Getting All Juiced Up

The always articulate Haley Hintze left a comment on a post I made the other day about online poker being rigged which I wanted to respond to. I felt that it would make a better post [...]