Poker Blogging

The Poker World Finds Twitter

Twitter recently announced a tool that lets you go back in time and find your very first tweet. So I decided to play around with it a bit and dig up the first tweets from the [...]

Game Back On(Line) at WSOP

Back when I penned my first poker blog post nearly 10 years ago I had absolutely no idea where it would lead. At the time my only agenda was to document what I was learning playing [...]

Poker Meme Launch

A few months ago, I was thinking about all of the negativity and drama going on in the poker world and I wondered if all of that energy couldn’t be channeled into something less soul robbing. [...]

Bill’s Poker Blog Now Has a Facebook Page

I don’t really know why but I never got around to creating a Facebook Fan Page for Bill’s Poker Blog. Most people just came to my personal Facebook page and liked me there. But I’m always [...]

For The Poker Bloggers Out There

No respect for bloggers in the mainstream media :-( [...]

Jesse May and Padraig Parkinson – Shit Poker Bloggers Say

Nice little parody piece building on the “Shit ______________ Say” meme (NSFW – be warned). I can’t believe these massage girls. Can you believe not one of them is going to go out with me? LOL [...]

What is a Professional Poker Player?

I’ve been doing a lot of light reading lately and nearly every poker magazine article is written by “a professional poker player.”  Likewise, watching many of the televised poker events the commentators will often identify a [...]

The Changing Business Model in Poker Media

Funny enough Hard Boiled Poker covered a topic I was pondering a blog post about.  I’ve written in the past about the poker media and how the fact that they derived a large percentage of their [...]

Breaking News: PPA State Directors Playing at WSOP

I don’t know why but the PPA felt that with thousands of players stuck with hundreds of millions of dollars on Full Tilt and Ultimate Bet and Barton set to unveil a new online poker bill [...]

Three Outstanding Blog Posts

If Full Tilt’s response to the Phil Ivey lawsuit has done anything it is that it has made people hate Full Tilt even more. In just one paragraph Full Tilt has managed to obliterate their reputation [...]

Want all the latest poker news? Follow me on Twitter

With all of the news coming hot and fast over the last few days I simply cannot write about everything. Plus, there are several other top-notch bloggers out there who have been covering things very well. [...]

Installing GeoIP And Geo Target Your Affiliate Ads

I just wanted to do a quick one for affiliates out there that might be looking at how to geo target their affiliate ads now that US players can’t play on many of the sites they [...]

Motivational Videos

Whether it’s the motivation to keep grinding away at the tables, finding a reason to write your next blog post, or going out and trying to do some SEO, we all need some inspiration sometimes. This [...]

The Value of Free

I was just reading Kim Lund’s excellent post Why was five years ahead of its time and I couldn’t help pick up on one of the points he made about social media (which was [...]

The Best Poker Social Networkers

When I was asked to vote for the Bluff Magazine Power 20 there was a lot of emphasis on how influential the people were in regards to the overall poker industry. But in reality I tend [...]