Fake Poker News

I know it’s difficult to tell sometimes but I do have a sense of humor. I think you need one in order to get by in a business that seems to get completely turned on its head every few years. I’ve always enjoyed sites like The Onion that take current events and turn them into […]

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Only in Online Poker

Costa Rica – Bodog announced today that they have just released a new version of their online poker software with a revolutionious new feature called, “No Decision Poker.” According to a press release, No Decision Poker essentially removes the “Fold” button as an option for Recreational Players™ . Jonas “Don King” Odman said, “No Decision […]

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Gambling is Dangerous

I ran across this piece of advice on Yahoo Answers. The asker posed the question: Do you have any advice on playing poker? I have played a lot of internet poker as well as with the Amateur Poker League but it has never been for real money. Always just chips. Tomorrow night I’m probably going […]

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Saw this outside a shopping mall a few months ago. Finally got around to downloading the pics off my iPhone :-)

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I love this guy

I love the part where he overbets and has to pull back some of his weed.

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Bleeding Chips

Funny take on a heads-up match. Worth a watch.

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Party at the DOJ

Funny video from MrSrslySirius with hat tip to Quad Jacks.

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If Online Poker Players Were a Bunch of Chicks

I think I’ve mentioned that one of my Thai friends here in Bangkok, May, is a poker player. It sort of surprised me when she told me and at the time she had no idea that I was involved in the industry. She’s always busy and I’m always busy so we don’t spent anywhere near […]

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Poker Wisdom

I happened to run into some good friends last night and as we discussed life and poker a few funny sayings came up that I thought people might enjoy. Hey man, life isn’t a freeroll – Mr. B, professional poker player While discussing a friend who seems to be headed for trouble and whether or […]

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Yo Trolls

Thanks to Part Time Poker for catching this video and posting it. I love the line, “My post count is larger than my bankroll.” :-)

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Love Me, Love Me Not
Screen shot 2010-12-31 at 5.50.04 PM

Dear bewinners, Your recent string of correspondence has left me confused and somewhat bitter. After all the good and bad times we’ve shared together I thought I deserved something better. Something more respectful. Instead you’ve done nothing but toy with my emotions. On December 1st, you sent me the following message. What do you mean […]

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This is how I keep ahead of other websites
Screen shot 2010-12-20 at 11.29.21 AM

People often ask me why I go out of the limb and make predictions (which seem to come true). Here’s why: I subscribe to magazines that are able to publish their February edition in December. I know the future before it happens :-)

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