Is your strategy dated? Guest Post by Carl “The Dean” Sampson

I recall back in 2002 when I first started playing full time and the limit games were very loose and mainly passive. The average pot sizes were very high as more players were seeing the showdown. The way to beat these games was both obvious and easy and it simply involved learning some decent theory […]

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It’s a question of range: Guest Post by Carl “The Dean” Sampson

Everything you do at a poker table is affected by what type of range you have. This applies to both you and your opponents. If your opponent raises and you want to 3/bet then you are doing this blind if you don’t have some idea of your opponents range. Let us look at a simple […]

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A look at combatting ordinary regs by Carl “The Dean” Sampson
Old Men Playing Cards

These days you cannot sit down on any no limit ring game online for decent stakes without encountering several regulars. Now there are regulars and there are regulars so to speak. If a regular at your level is playing for rakeback and sign up bonuses and rewards and playing very tightly with low VPIP then […]

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The first 2013 New Year’s Resolution you must break: Guest Post by Jeff

New Year’s Resolutions are illogical. The use of the calendar as some sort of blackmailing device against your short comings doesn’t work. Those who make positive mindful changes set themselves up to succeed. Typical New Year fueled poker related goals are misguided and destined to fail. Today, I’m pleading with you to avoid the one that could cause […]

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Are you playing for long enough? Guest post by Carl “The Dean” Sampson

There are a multitude of reasons why novices and even many advanced novices do not make money playing online poker. One little discussed topic is session length. When you play live poker then this usually means a more serious commitment in terms of time taken to travel to the casino or card room. Most poker […]

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Hearing too many voices: Guest Post by Carl “The Dean” Sampson

As a very avid poker player then I obviously read or make it my goal to read as much as possible. I do this for numerous reasons, firstly I love poker, secondly I want to educate myself and thirdly…….well thirdly I have no life. However post 2006 and the UIGEA then I decided to go […]

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Don’t listen to the hype – Guest post by Carl “The Dean” Sampson

First off, I would just like to say thanks to Bill for allowing me the chance to write for his site. I have been a regular reader off and on for a while after discovering that his was one of the highest read blogs around at this time. So when you hear something like that […]

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The Nearly Infallible Under-Over Line for No-Limit Hold’em by Tommy Angelo

The Nearly Infallible Under-Over Line for No-Limit Hold’em At sports betting, there’s this thing called an over-under line. One feature of betting the “over” at sports is that if the game goes over, it’s over. You won your bet, and the rest of the game doesn’t matter. At no-limit hold’em, I have this thing I […]

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Change Your Value Lines by David Yee

Editor’s Note: David contacted me awhile back asking for advice on how to break into the online poker industry. If you’ve got something open and David seems like a good fit, feel free to contact him using his details in the byline. Everybody knows of the old passive 80 year old recreational player at the […]

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What Poker Hands Do You Remember? by Donna Blevins

Poker players shoot themselves in the foot by focusing on the wrong things. Recently, I was on a poker radio show and did a LIVE poker coaching session for a poker player I did not know. My only requirements when the radio host picks a volunteer are that the poker player wants coaching and is […]

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The Hand Police by Marcus Bateman

We all know the player type. Gasping for air in some Phil Hellmuthesque deranged rant about what a fool you are to ever have played such a hand and what a fish you are, these player types can provide one of the best examples of how not to behave at the poker table out there […]

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Tommy Angelo, Gratefulness, Buddhism, and Becoming a Better Poker Player

Guest poster on Bill’s Poker Blog, Tommy Angelo, read my post Holidays Overseas and sent me a link to something he had recently written that he thought was relevant. In his blog post, In Gratitude of Gratefulness, Tommy discusses how the attitudes of gratitude and gratefulness can play a role not just in your poker […]

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Guest Post by Mike: Dealing with a downswing

Dealing with a downswing Managing a large downswing is one of the most difficult things you will have to cope with as a poker player. Ideally you would be able to completely ignore downswings and keep yourself focused on your long term expected win rate but the pressure and stress of running badly for a […]

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