Poker Strategy

Is your strategy dated? Guest Post by Carl “The Dean” Sampson

I recall back in 2002 when I first started playing full time and the limit games were very loose and mainly passive. The average pot sizes were very high as more players were seeing the showdown. [...]

How important are implied odds in NLHE cash games? Guest Post by Carl “The Dean” Sampson

I recall some years ago in all of the major literature on NLHE that all of the authors at that time were discussing implied odds as being far more important than pot odds in this form [...]

It’s a question of range: Guest Post by Carl “The Dean” Sampson

Everything you do at a poker table is affected by what type of range you have. This applies to both you and your opponents. If your opponent raises and you want to 3/bet then you are [...]

A look at combatting ordinary regs by Carl “The Dean” Sampson

These days you cannot sit down on any no limit ring game online for decent stakes without encountering several regulars. Now there are regulars and there are regulars so to speak. If a regular at your [...]

Book Review: The Mental Game of Poker 2

I just got done reading Jared Tendler and Barry Carter’s follow up to their ground-breaking book The Mental Game of Poker, . As one might expect based on the title, TMGP2 extends what Tendler and Carter [...]

Book Review: Poker Hero

Poker Hero by Florian Roßner is one of the best poker training books I’ve read in a long, long, long time. In fact, one of my only complaints about the book is that it should be [...]

The first 2013 New Year’s Resolution you must break: Guest Post by Jeff

New Year’s Resolutions are illogical. The use of the calendar as some sort of blackmailing device against your short comings doesn’t work. Those who make positive mindful changes set themselves up to succeed. Typical New Year fueled poker [...]

Why you need to become a better poker player: Guest Post by Carl “The Dean” Sampson

Some years ago I was of the opinion that playing multiple tables was a waste of time simply because no player could play as well whilst playing multiple tables. This opinion lacked in depth knowledge and [...]

A Peek Behind PokerTracker 4 With Tarix

Back in a previous life I used to teach scuba diving as a hobby. That’s where I met tarix. He was a video game software engineer and I was managing a software development team at eToys. [...]

Are you playing for long enough? Guest post by Carl “The Dean” Sampson

There are a multitude of reasons why novices and even many advanced novices do not make money playing online poker. One little discussed topic is session length. When you play live poker then this usually means [...]

Hearing too many voices: Guest Post by Carl “The Dean” Sampson

As a very avid poker player then I obviously read or make it my goal to read as much as possible. I do this for numerous reasons, firstly I love poker, secondly I want to educate [...]

Don’t listen to the hype – Guest post by Carl “The Dean” Sampson

First off, I would just like to say thanks to Bill for allowing me the chance to write for his site. I have been a regular reader off and on for a while after discovering that [...]

Product Review: “Playing the Player: Moving Beyond ABC Poker to Dominate Your Opponents” by Ed Miller

If everyone who has ever asked me how to go about learning to play winning poker just read, and more importantly, mastered, everything Ed Miller has published they would already be fairly good poker players. I [...]

The Nearly Infallible Under-Over Line for No-Limit Hold’em by Tommy Angelo

The Nearly Infallible Under-Over Line for No-Limit Hold’em At sports betting, there’s this thing called an over-under line. One feature of betting the “over” at sports is that if the game goes over, it’s over. You [...]

Change Your Value Lines by David Yee

Editor’s Note: David contacted me awhile back asking for advice on how to break into the online poker industry. If you’ve got something open and David seems like a good fit, feel free to contact him [...]