Tech Ramblings

What Twitter is Really Like

Hard to argue with. [...]

WordPress Developers

Any WordPress developers in the SoCal area looking for a contract gig? I’m looking for a couple of people who have a lot of experience developing plugins and extending WP beyond a simple blogging platform. I [...]

1&1 Website Hosting Review: WARNING!

This tales starts on a bright Sunday morning. A day that the wife and I had planned on visiting our local cardroom and enjoying the great game of poker. My first indication that our plans were [...]

Changes Afoot At Bill’s Poker Blog

If you’ve stopped by Bill’s Poker Blog over the last couple of days you’ll notice that I’ve updated the design a bit. It’s still a work in progress that will probably last awhile but I’m rolling [...]

Installing GeoIP And Geo Target Your Affiliate Ads

I just wanted to do a quick one for affiliates out there that might be looking at how to geo target their affiliate ads now that US players can’t play on many of the sites they [...]

WordPress Contributor Role Vulnerability

Since a lot of poker blogs out there are powered by WordPress I thought I would help get the word out about a vulnerability that exists if you allow users to register on your site. On [...]

Another Link Exchange Winner

You would think that in a competitive market space that people would actually get better at what they do. Instead they just stay the same level of FAIL. Here’s an email I got earlier today. Hello [...]

Strange Spam

I don’t know why but I’ve been getting a lot of spam both via email and in the comments that are odd in that they seem to have no purpose. Here’s one I received today. Oil [...]

iPhone Goodness on Bill’s Poker Blog

I just installed a WordPress plugin called WPtouch will should make viewing Bill’s Poker Blog on your iPhone a much better experience. If that previous sentence made no sense to you . . . allow me [...]

Online Poker and Data Mining

Paul Nobles from Bluff takes a rather interesting look at the whole data mining brouhaha that’s been going on of late. I started to leave a comment on the Pokerati site but my response started to [...]

The Online Poker Industry’s Love Hate Relationship With Rakeback

Exclusive Report Learn how you could make a living playing poker. There’s probably no single topic that divides the online poker industry more than rakeback .  Seriously, in many companies rakeback is a dirty [...]

Rake Races on Cake and Full Tilt Poker

If you have some time on your hands next week you might want to check out these rake races on Cake Poker and Full Tilt: FullTilt Rake Race: Apr 21 – 30, $7000 Prize Pool 50 [...]

Some Upgrades to Bill’s Poker Blog

If you’re reading this via RSS or email delivery pop on over to the website and check out the redesign. Actually, it’s a bit more than a redesign as I also changed hosting providers and a [...]

Wise Up Google

Because I travel quite a bit I always run into an issue where Google or some other website decides to be really smart and change the language of their website to the language of the locale [...]