Joe Sebok Gets Canned

First off, I want to say that as far as I know I’ve only met Joe Sebok once a few years back at the WPBT event at Imperial Palace. He came with Barry Greenstein who was [...]

Top 10 Poker Blogs Worth Reading

In my never-ending attempted to alienate and piss off people, I thought I would compile of a list of poker blogs that I regularly read.  As the universe of poker blogs has exploded over the last [...]

WPBT – I Hate You People

This weekend marks the third WPBT Winter Classic in Vegas. Up until this event I had seen every Winter and Summer classic since inception (and even won one). And dammit if I’m not pissed that I [...]

Iggy Folds

Iggy the dwarf sized blogger with Paul Bunyan sized heart has decided to kill off Guiness and Poker. This finally brings to an end years of Iggy’s threats to hang it all up and close his [...]

This Is How I Expect To Go

I imagine this as a group of poker bloggers. [...]

How to beat anyone at Rock Paper Scissors

Contrary to what you might think RPS is not simply a game of luck or chance. While it is true that from a mathematical perspective the ‘optimum’ strategy is to play randomly, it still is not [...]

Funny Pics From Carter

Unfortunately I was unable to attend the Bash at the Boat but scouring around the internet for pics brought me some joy. Gavin Smith slipping his hand down someone’s pants Derek putting something into his pants [...]

Buy DoubleA’s Book

During the WPBT blogger tourney I was seated with DoubleA’s who I’ve long respected and admired from his blog postings. I bought a copy of his book from him right then and there at the table. [...]

Go Check Out Ryan’s Blog

I was fortunate enough to find an unlocked door at the WSOP Main Event and snuck in to see Ryan. Ryan was at table 201 and kicking a little ass. Check out Ryan’s blog for updates [...]


Looks like the WSOP took a cue from the blogger community and started dealing mixed games. Today is the kickoff of the $50,000 buy-in H.O.R.S.E event. Go follow it play by play on PokerWire. [...]

The 2006 WPBT Summer Classic II

Just a quick mini-update from the City of Sin. Continuing my travel troubles, I was supposed to be on a 9pm flight arriving in Las Vegas at 10pm. First they moved the gate and then they [...]

WPBT Fantasy League: Rini Comes Out Strong in 2nd Place!

I should have picked Rafe. I should have picked Rafe! [...]

Poker Blogs

I wanted to do a quick follow up to yesterday’s post regarding poker blogs. I got a few emails from people asking what they should write about. First off, I have no idea what you should [...]

Poker Blogs

I was reading the recent controversy created by BG’s response to a post about blogs (BG’s post seems to have since been removed) and I thought I would throw out a few comments on a topic [...]

Poker Bloggers and Poker Immortals

Not too many moons ago I was having a conversation with one of our poker blogging brethren and I made a prediction that out of our little community would rise some of tomorrow’s poker immortals. Much [...]