Photos From the WSOP 2015 Part I

Just some photos I took at the WSOP this year. Didn’t really get to sling the camera as much as I would have liked but tried to take a day here and there and just shoot whatever.  

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WSOP Launches in New Jersey

Today marks the beginning of the soft launch period for online gaming in New Jersey. What that technically means is that only invited players can access real money gaming and only during pre-defined hours. For instance, on the first day of the soft launch players will only be able to play from 6pm until 2am. […]

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Anatomy of a Cybersquatter

In case anyone has missed it I have to give it up big time to Haley who has written some great investigative pieces lately. The story she covers here is how the domain name came into the hands of a former Binion’s employee and the multi-year battle Harrah’s has engaged in to get it […]

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WSOP – The Expo

After fleeing my room like a refuge in order to avoid the constant nagging of the cleaning staff, I headed over to the Rio to do some meet ups and check out what has become of our fair sport. The first thing you notice when you enter via the convention center entrance at the back […]

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WSOP Las Vegas Trip Report

My first night in Vegas was an evening of statistical improbabilities. I roll into the Tropicana around 10:30pm. Despite the trash I talk about the place I love it like Iggy loves the bar in Sherwood Forrest at Exaliber. It’s one of the few remaining places on The Strip that can claim Frank, Sammy and […]

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The Worst $10,000 You Could Ever Spend

I was sent an email about this and now I see him self-pimping his story here and there so I thought I would comment. I guess the story is that this guy wants someone to put up $10,000 so he can be the first to bust out at the WSOP. Wow, now talk about return […]

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