Second Annual WPBT Winter Classic

Well it looks like things have started to move forward and here’s what we have so far:

Date: Dec 10th, 2005
Place: Imperial Palace Casino
Time: Shooting for around 10am’ish

Despite having some reservations regarding the Harrah’s buyout of the IP, the poker room manager has done a good job at convincing me that they are committed to pulling this off for us.

Blind structure is being worked out but they have been open to structuring things as we would like them. Buy in would be $50 + $5 (dealer bonus) + $10 (juice) or $50 + $15 for those who are mathematically challenged.

I’ve spoken with the manager of guest relations at the IP and he said the normal room rates for $49/$69 (weekday/weekend) but he’s pretty confident he can get us a rate of $29/$39. We’re still working on that and I’ll post more about it as the info becomes available. In the meantime, if you would like to book at the IP, pop me an email with your name, email, dates you plan on staying, phone number, and preference of smoking/non-smoking and I’ll start getting that over to Bob. If we can batch up all of the requests, Bob will have player club cards waiting for you at check-in as well.

As far as associated events, pros, etc., we’re still putting that together. We might have a sponsorship for the event so perhaps we’ll have some goodies to give away.

Please post info or link back so we can get the word spread as widely as possible 🙂