Things Just Keeping Getting Worse For Full Tilt Poker

After the news that the Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) had pulled the plug on Full Tilt Poker by suspending their license a lot of new news has hit the web.

In no particular order:

Filming of Poker Lounge ceases. After not receiving payment from Full Tilt this advertiser supported program has had the production crew walk out.

Moneybookers pulls the plug on Full Tilt. Seems that FTP was allowing some to players to deposit but not withdraw and there was some dispute between FTP and Moneybookers over this. Whacky Wednesday seems to have pushed Moneybookers over the edge and they’ve stopped processing any payments for FTP.

Full Tilt is looking to open it’s doors before the July 26th AGCC hearing by either going with the Kahnawake Gaming Commission or completely unregulated. Yeah, that’s what the industry needs, a company that is already clearly spinning out of control opening its doors without any oversight whatsoever. And if the KGC grants them a license I think that along with allowing UB and AP to keep their licenses pretty much discredits them as any sort of regulatory authority.


  1. Seems like our conversation over beers in that Soi you used to hang out in BKK has ended with me winning!

    About 18 months ago you were trying to tell me FTP was the best thing since sliced bread. I told you something like this would happen.

    I think Full Tilt has had this coming for a long time, and it would have happened regardless of recent events.

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