Affiliate Managers: Don’t do This!

Here’s an email someone sent me the other day.

Hi ,my name is Morris ,and I’m the marketing manager of the XXXXX network skin www.XXXXXXXXXX. com , I write to you for introduce a very nice opportunity to work together , we looking for master partner and , we can offer you a very high revenue master account up to 65%, where you can create as many you want sub agencies and affiliates , we are directly connect with the XXXXXX master network so we can offer very fast and valuable support and assistance.

If you don’t know XXXXXX is a innovative network where with just 1 account (user /password) you can login into 6 different room (some of them are mac-users) .
The room in our network are :
Poker in Venice

Also we have already in hand agreement with microgaming , ipoker , instadeal and boss media , witch will be all 4 put in our room very soon

So if you are interested , if you have just some question or simple you can let us put our banner in your website please let us know , we looking for to be partner with you
Thank you


The worst part is, this is a copy and paste job. All the spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors were proofed in some other program and then cut and pasted into the contact form on this site.

And then, for the icing on the cake, if you visit the site, you’re greeted with the most overused woman in stock photography.


4 thoughts on “Affiliate Managers: Don’t do This!”

  1. Hi , is nice at least let you guys laught, i know PIv , have a bad reputation now , thats why my skin is. Going to move under Goalgaming LTD. I work hard for keep all players happy and care every cashout , and i belive there is not many players can say is not true , on elast mention about the deal i, if i say 65 is 65 without any deduction or. Hidden cost , there is not reason to promise deal which cant keep , Regards

  2. I’ve received no less than a dozen of these and across every possible contact method I have listed, and all from numerous companies operating on the PIV network.

    Whatever about this skin, the core of the network is rotten imho, based purely on how they conducted themselves over on 2p2 in a recent spat with another gaming company, the network is to be avoided imho, never mind individual skins. I do feel sorry for reputable companies who have a skin on this network.

    63% isn’t really 63% either! Funny how they never mention this when they contact you, but you’re liable for hidden fees associated with player deposits.

    Clearly their level of professionalism is trickling down through their partners, because that’s one fine piece of literary genius!

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