About Bill Rini

Who is Bill Rini?

Bill Rini is the former Head of Online Poker at the World Series of Poker (Caesars Entertainment). With over 15 years of experience in online gaming and poker, and almost 30 years of experience working with internet-related companies, he is an expert in the online gaming industry, payment systems, strategic planning, and product management.

Bill is currently living in Thailand working on various projects.

I hate writing about myself in the third-person so I’m going to switch into my more normal style and let the above paragraph satisfy the search engines and people who care about such things.

So, who am I, really?

In no particular order, I’m a husband, US Army veteran, former stockbroker, tech geek that taught himself to program back in the early 1990’s and still dabbles in a little coding here and there, scuba diver (instructor), world traveler, online poker and gaming industry leader, self proclaimed raconteur, mentor, lover of fine single-malt scotches, owner of two wonderful dogs, amateur photographer, infrequent blogger, product manager, grammar butcher, atrocious golfer, Harley rider, guitar strummer, online privacy and computer security advocate, public speaker, close follower of traditional and non-traditional (cryptocurrency) payment models, Fintech enthusiast, real estate (fix and) flipper, problem solver, non-performing mortgage note investor, entrepreneur, cautious artificial intelligence follower, and voracious reader of non-fiction.

Contact Bill

You can send me an email via the linked form or reach out to me via the social media contacts below.

Media Mentions Worth Mentioning

I try to keep a list of media mentions I’ve received or where I’ve been quoted.

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Interesting Travel Stats

Countries Visited:    27 (excluding the US)

Countries Lived In:  5

Most Visited US State on Vacation:  Hawaii

Most Visited Country on Vacation:  Thailand

I keep a running list of my travels here.  

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