WSOP 2017 Pics

Welcome to the WSOP

Here’s a collection of random photos I’ve taken since the start of the WSOP. I’ll probably have another post at some point with more pics. An empty parking lot days before the open of the 2017 WSOP Steps leading to the Rio convention center Welcome to the 2017 WSOP!! Set up Set up Cards go … Read more

Photos From the WSOP 2015 Part I

Just some photos I took at the WSOP this year. Didn’t really get to sling the camera as much as I would have liked but tried to take a day here and there and just shoot whatever.  

The Poker World Finds Twitter

Twitter recently announced a tool that lets you go back in time and find your very first tweet. So I decided to play around with it a bit and dig up the first tweets from the poker world. As I was thinking of how to present these first tweets, it made sense to list them … Read more

Would PokerStars in NJ Have Been a Slam Dunk?


A lot of people have been speculating about how the New Jersey market would have been shaped if PokerStars would have received a license to operate in the state. Most of the speculation begins with the assumption that PokerStars would have been the market leader. I’m not so sure I agree with that as a … Read more