Best Segue EVAR

As a blogger it’s often difficult to find things to write about or to relate what you want to write about into a poker theme. Fortunately for me, my writing sucks and I make no attempt to actually entertain my readers so . . . I’ve got that going for me. But whoever writes the … Read more

Karim Wilkins Speaks Out on Mr. Marcus’ Comments

Kudos to Karim for calling it like it is. Wilkins said: “These days networks like iPoker, Entraction, Boss and Microgaming will seemingly give an online skin to anyone with a few hundred dollars and a small database of players. And it’s a majority of these skins that are cannibalising existing network traffic, by contacting players … Read more

William Hill Sounds Off On Rakeback


There was a recent article in eGaming Review quoting William Hill Online COO Peter Marcus making an appeal to the industry to reject rakeback [what is rakeback?]. He pleaded with the industry to “get together and be strict.” I think Marcus seems rather unrealistic. Interviewed for a special feature on rakeback in eGaming Review’s August … Read more