Lessons From Losing

Ahhhh . . . I think I may have risen out of my card funk. For about the last week of online playing I had been getting my butt handed to me. Over about 5 sessions I lost 150BB. I’m not going to claim that I played every hand like a pro but when you … Read more

A Real Showdown (almost)

I was up in Monterey this weekend scuba diving with my buddy Jason. He’s got the poker bug as well so when we got into town he flipped through the phone book and found some local card rooms in the nearby town of Marina. After dinner we headed up to scope these places out. Perhaps … Read more

Random Thoughts 03/17/04

PokerTracker is an excellent tool for many reasons but one of the new ways I’ve found to use it is to uncover the re-loaders. Have you ever been playing and you see some guy sit down with something like $100 and then maybe an hour later you see him at $60 (with a good chunk … Read more

Random Thoughts 03/16/04

Whenever I think about playing a marginal hand, I try to take Lee Jones’ advice in Winning Low Limit Hold ‘Em; Look for an excuse to fold. I’m usually pretty tight but if you’re sitting at a loose table, it’s very easy to turn a profitable session into a breakeven or losing session by playing … Read more

Random Thoughts 03/15/04

Random thoughts going through my head tonight as I played online: Why do people say “nh” about hands that were not very nice nor were they played well? Case in point, I folded pre-flop so I’m a spectator (i.e. I’m not emotionally involved). Two suited cards hit on the flop, everybody checks around, turn brings … Read more