Why Instant Messaging Is Evil

Instant Messaging used to be a great tool. Unfortunately, like email, once it became popular it went from useful tool to annoyance. I don’t think it was anything about the technology itself but I think the longer that it was around the more people projected their own social flaws onto it. What follows is an … Read more

DARPA Grand Challenge

One of my clients is Axion Racing, a team that entered the DARPA Grand Challenge. The Grand Challenge is a government sponsored competition with a $1 million prize going to the team who can successfully get an unmanned, fully-autonomous vehicle from Barstow to Las Vegas over rough terrain. Yes, a fully-autonomous vehicle. No driver. No … Read more

Play Until It Hurts

HDouble over at The Cards Speak has an interesting post where he ponders whether poker is he sees poker as a hobby, a sport, or if he’s just in it for the money. He ends by saying that he’s unsure which but I couldn’t help but remember a supposedly true story told by Mike Caro … Read more

Let Go Of My Eggo

Have you ever just had one of those momentary lapses? Last night I was playing at a little monthly cash game I play in with some buddies and I�m holding AXs. Flop comes T87 with no real flush draw for me but I’m heads up so I decide to stay with it and see if … Read more