Time Machine for March

Just recapping my posts hitting the world wide webz during March. 2009 Sponsor Love The Most Honest Comment I’ve Ever Received Five Ways to Improve Your Poker and Crush the Competition Cadbury Eyebrow Kids Bluffing Into the Nuts How to Avoid an Anal Cavity Search Crazy Rigtards Warning: Eight Tips on Pitching Your Idea to … Read more

Time Machine For Feb

Sorry, I sort of forgot about my Time Machine posts which cover everything I’ve published in a specific month through the various years of blogging. So today I’ll give myself 7 lashes with a wet noodle and post Feb’s Time Machine and then tomorrow I’ll post March’s Time Machine. Enjoy Feb 2009 The Dumbing Down … Read more

The Red Shirts Are Coming, The Red Shirts Are Coming

Warning people how to act on judgement day

I recently mentioned that despite reports of huge crowds demonstrating against the Thai government I hadn’t seen much. Well that changed yesterday when I went to my Thai class yesterday. Sukhumvit (probably the busiest street in Bangkok) was crawling with red shirt supporters of fugitive former PM Thaksin. I stepped off the BTS at the … Read more