The World Series of Poker

World Series of Poker LogoThe World Series of Poker, as the name might imply, is the premier poker event in the world. Winning a gold World Series of Poker bracelet is considered to be the height of poker achievement. Started in 1970 by casino owner Benny Binion as a PR stunt the WSOP World Series of Poker has evolved into one of the largest cash events in the world. The 2005 Main Event consisted of 5619 players all paying $10,000 each to play in this prestigious event.

In 2004 Harrah’s Entertainment purchased the Binion’s Horseshoe Casino and renamed it Binion’s. The World Series of Poker is now hosted at the Harrah’s Rio Hotel in Las Vegas. The 2006 Main Event is expected to draw the maximum limit of 8000 players with an expected first place prize of $10,000,000.

The 2006 World Series of Poker will kick off June 25th with satellite events and run through August 10th. The main event is scheduled to last 13 days.

The explosion of online poker has fueled much of the World Series of Poker’s growth since Chris Moneymaker won the main event in 2003 via a $39 satellite entry on PokerStars. Most online card rooms offer World Series of Poker satellite tournaments and the best sites for winning your way into a $10,000 main event seat are:

Full Tilt Poker

Of course, you can always buy into the event directly:

  1. Download and print the Pre-Registration Form.
  2. Mail completed form and check to:
  3. Rio Properties, Inc, dba, Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino, World Series of Poker,

    Attention: Accounting Office,
    P O Box 14160,
    Las Vegas, Nevada 89114-4160

  4. Or, fax completed form and wire transfer confirmation (according to the instructions) to: 702-777-2280
  5. Upon receiving your deposit the Rio will send a confirmation and instructions on how to pick up your table and seat assignment and finalize your registration at the Rio.

Additional information can be found on the following PDF files

(View using the free Acrobat Reader):

Pre-Registration Form
Wire Transfer Instructions
Tournament Rules
World Series of Poker Schedule (View the schedule online)
Frequently Asked Questions

*Payment is a deposit only. You must register in Las Vegas, Nevada for the events as set forth in the Tournament Rules. Your deposit will be applied to registration at that time.
**Your reservation is confirmed when your deposit is applied to registration in Las Vegas, NV.

You must be 21 or over to participate in any World Series of Poker tournament.
For more restrictions, please read the full Tournament Rules.

For more information, please call the WSOP registration hotline at


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World Series of Poker Winners 1970 – 2005

2005 WSOP
Jospeh Hachem
Winner: Joseph Hachem [Wikipedia]
Amount: $7,500,000
1. Joseph Hachem [Wikipedia]
2. Steve Dannenmann [Wikipedia]
3. John “Tex” Barch [Wikipedia]
4. Aaron Kanter
5. Andrew Black [Wikipedia]
6. Scott Lazar

2004 WSOP
Greg Raymer
Winner: Greg “Fossilman” Raymer [Wikipedia]
Amount: $5,000,000
1. Greg “Fossilman” Raymer [Wikipedia]
2. David Williams [Wikipedia] [Website]
3. Josh Arieh [Wikipedia] [Website]
4. Dan Harrington [Wikipedia]
5. Glenn Hughes
6. Al Krux [Wikipedia]

2003 WSOP
Chris Moneymaker
Winner: Chris Moneymaker
Amount: $2,500,000
1. Chris Moneymaker [Wikipedia]
2. Sammy Farha [Wikipedia] [Website]
3. Dan Harrington [Wikipedia]
4. Jason Lester [Wikipedia]
5. Tomer Benvenisti
6. Amir Vahedi

2002 WSOP
Robert Varkonyi
Winner: Robert Varkonyi [Wikipedia]
Amount: $2,000,000
1. Robert Varkonyi [Wikipedia]
2. Julian Gardner [Wikipedia]
3. Ralph Perry
4. Scott Gray
5. Harley Hall
6. Russell Rosenblum

2001 WSOP
Carlos Mortensen
Winner: Carlos Mortensen [Wikipedia]
Amount: $1,500,000
1. Carlos Mortensen [Wikipedia]
2. Dewey Tomko [Wikipedia]
3. Stan Schrier
4. Phil Gordon [Wikipedia] [Website] [Blog]
5. Phil Hellmuth [Wikipedia] [Website]
6. Mike “The Mouth” Matusow [Wikipedia]

2000 WSOP
Chris Jesus Ferguson
Winner: Chris “Jesus” Ferguson [Website]
Amount: $1,500,000
1. Chris “Jesus” Ferguson [Website]
2. T. J. Cloutier [Wikipedia]
3. Steve Kaufman
4. Hasan Habib
5. James McManus [Wikipedia]
6. Roman Abinsay

1999 WSOP
Noel Furlong
Winner: Noel Furlong [Wikipedia]
Amount: $1,000,000
1. Noel Furlong [Wikipedia]
2. Alan Goehring [Wikipedia]
3. Padraig Parkinson [Wikipedia]
4. Erik Seidel [Wikipedia]
5. Chris Bigler [Wikipedia]
6. Huck Seed [Wikipedia]

1998 WSOP
Scotty Nguyen
Winner: Scotty Nguyen [Wikipedia]
Amount: $1,000,000
1. Scotty Nguyen [Wikipedia]
2. Kevin McBride
3. T. J. Cloutier [Wikipedia]
4. Dewey Weum
5. Lee Salem
6. Ben Roberts [Wikipedia]

1997 WSOP
Stu Ungar
Winner: Stu Ungar [Wikipedia]
Amount: $1,000,000
1. Stu Ungar [Wikipedia]
2. John Strzemp
3. Mel Judah [Wikipedia]
4. Ron Stanley
5. Bob Walker
6. Peter Bao

1996 WSOP
Huck Seed
Winner: Huck Seed [Wikipedia]
Amount: $1,000,000
1. Huck Seed [Wikipedia]
2. Bruce Van Horn
3. John Bonetti
4. Men “The Master” Nguyen [Website]
5. An Tran [Wikipedia]
6. Andre Boyer

1995 WSOP
Dan Harrington
Winner: Dan Harrington [Wikipedia]
Amount: $1,000,000
1. Dan Harrington [Wikipedia]
2. Howard Goldfarb [Wikipedia]
3. Brent Carter [Wikipedia]
4. Hamid Dastmalchi [Wikipedia]
5. Barbara Enright [Wikipedia]
6. Chuck Thompson

1994 WSOP
Russ Hamilton
Winner: Russ Hamilton [Wikipedia]
Amount: $1,000,000
1. Russ Hamilton [Wikipedia]
2. Hugh Vincent
3. John Spadavecchia [Wikipedia]
4. Vince Burgio
5. Al Krux [Wikipedia]
6. Robert Turner [Wikipedia]

1993 WSOP
Jim Bechtel
Winner: Jim Bechtel [Wikipedia]
Amount: $1,000,000
1. Jim Bechtel [Wikipedia]
2. Glenn Cozen
3. John Bonetti
4. Mansour Matloubi [Wikipedia]
5. Thomas Chung
6. Mike Cowley

1992 WSOP
Hamid Dastmalchi
Winner: Hamid Dastmalchi [Wikipedia]
Amount: $1,000,000
1. Hamid Dastmalchi [Wikipedia]
2. Tom Jacobs
3. Hans Lund [Wikipedia]
4. Mike Alsaadi
5. Dave Crunkleton
6. Clyde Coleman

1991 WSOP
Brad Daugherty
Winner: Brad Daugherty [Wikipedia]
Amount: $1,000,000
1. Brad Daugherty [Wikipedia]
2. Don Holt
3. Bob Veltri
4. Don Williams
5. Perry Green
6. Ali Farsai

1990 WSOP
Mansour Matloubi
Winner: Mansour Matloubi [Wikipedia]
Amount: $835,000
1. Mansour Matloubi [Wikipedia]
2. Hans Lund [Wikipedia]
3. Dave Crunkleton
4. Jim Ward
5. Berry Johnston [Wikipedia]
6. Al Krux [Wikipedia]

1989 WSOP
Phil Hellmuth
Winner: Phil Hellmuth [Wikipedia] [Website]
Amount: $755,000
1. Phil Hellmuth [Wikipedia] [Website]
2. Johnny Chan [Wikipedia] [Website]
3. Don Zewin
4. Steve Lott
5. Lyle Berman
6. Noel Furlong [Wikipedia]

1988 WSOP
Johnny Chan
Winner: Johnny Chan [Wikipedia] [Website]
Amount: $700,000
1. Johnny Chan [Wikipedia] [Website]
2. Erik Seidel [Wikipedia]
3. Ron Graham
4. Humberto Brenes [Wikipedia]
5. T. J. Cloutier [Wikipedia]
6. Jim Bechtel [Wikipedia]

1987 WSOP
Johnny Chan
Winner: Johnny Chan [Wikipedia] [Website]
Amount: $625,000
1. Johnny Chan [Wikipedia] [Website]
2. Frank Henderson [Wikipedia]
3. Bob Ciaffone [Wikipedia] [Website]
4. James Spain
5. Howard Lederer [Wikipedia] [Website]
6. Dan Harrington [Wikipedia]

1986 WSOP
Berry Johnston
Winner: Berry Johnston [Wikipedia]
Amount: $570,000
1. Berry Johnston [Wikipedia]
2. Mike Harthcock
3. Gary Berland [Wikipedia]
4. Jesse Alto
5. Bill Smith [Wikipedia]
6. Roger Moore [Wikipedia]

1985 WSOP
Bill Smith
Winner: Bill Smith [Wikipedia]
Amount: $700,000
1. Bill Smith [Wikipedia]
2. T. J. Cloutier [Wikipedia]
3. Berry Johnston [Wikipedia]
4. Scott Mayfield
5. Hamid Dastmalchi [Wikipedia]
6. Jesse Alto

1984 WSOP
Jack Keller
Winner: “Gentleman” Jack Keller
Amount: $660,000
1. “Gentleman” Jack Keller
2. Byron Wolford
3. Jesse Alto
4. David Chew
5. Rick Hamill
6. Curtis Skinner

1983 WSOP
Tom McEvoy
Winner: Tom McEvoy [Wikipedia]
Amount: $540,000
1. Tom McEvoy [Wikipedia]
2. Rod Peate
3. Doyle Brunson [Wikipedia]
4. Carl McKelvey
5. Robert Geers
6. Donnacha O’Dea [Wikipedia]

1982 WSOP
Jack Straus
Winner: Jack “Treetop” Straus [Wikipedia]
Amount: $520,000
1. Jack “Treetop” Straus [Wikipedia]
2. Dewey Tomko [Wikipedia]
3. Berry Johnston [Wikipedia]
4. Doyle Brunson [Wikipedia]
5. A. J. Myers
6. Dody Roach

1981 WSOP
Stu Ungar
Winner: Stu Ungar [Wikipedia]
Amount: $375,000
1. Stu Ungar [Wikipedia]
2. Perry Green
3. Gene Fisher
4. Ken Smith
5. Bill Smith [Wikipedia]
6. Jay Heimowitz [Wikipedia]

1980 WSOP
Stu Ungar
Winner: Stu Ungar [Wikipedia]
Amount: $365,000
1. Stu Ungar [Wikipedia]
2. Doyle Brunson [Wikipedia]
3. Jay Heimowitz [Wikipedia]
4. Johnny Moss [Wikipedia]
5. Charles Dunwoody
6. Unknown

1979 WSOP
Hal Fowler
Winner: Hal Fowler [Wikipedia]
Amount: $270,000
1. Hal Fowler [Wikipedia]
2. Bobby Hoff [Wikipedia]
3. George Huber
4. Sam Moon
5. Johnny Moss [Wikipedia]
6. Chip Reese [Wikipedia]

1978 WSOP
Bobby Baldwin
Winner: Bobby Baldwin [Wikipedia]
Amount: $210,000
1. Bobby Baldwin [Wikipedia]
2. Crandell Addington
3. Louis Hunsucker
4. Buck Buchanan
5. Jesse Alto
6. Unknown

1977 WSOP
Doyle Brunson
Winner: Doyle Brunson [Wikipedia]
Amount: $340,000
1. Doyle Brunson [Wikipedia]
2. Gary Berland
3. Milo Jacobson
4. Andy Moore
5. Unknown
6. Unknown

1976 WSOP
Doyle Brunson
Winner: Doyle Brunson [Wikipedia]
Amount: $220,000
1. Doyle Brunson [Wikipedia]
2. Jesse Alto
3. Unknown
4. Unknown
5. Unknown
6. Unknown

1975 WSOP
Sailor Roberts
Winner: Brian “Sailor” Roberts [Wikipedia]
Amount: $210,000
1. Brian “Sailor” Roberts [Wikipedia]
2. Bob Hooks
3. Crandell Addington
4. Unknown
5. Unknown
6. Unknown

1974 WSOP
Johnny Moss
Winner: Johnny Moss [Wikipedia]
Amount: $160,000
1. Johnny Moss [Wikipedia]
2. Crandell Addington
3. Unknown
4. Unknown
5. Unknown
6. Unknown

1973 WSOP
Puggy Pearson
Winner: Puggy Pearson [Wikipedia]
Amount: $130,000
Final Table:
1. Puggy Pearson [Wikipedia]
2. Johnny Moss [Wikipedia]
3. Jack “Treetop” Straus [Wikipedia]
4. Bobby Brazil
5. Bob Hooks
6. Brian “Sailor” Roberts [Wikipedia]

1972 WSOP
Amarillo Slim
Winner: Amarillo Slim [Wikipedia]
Amount: $80,000
1. Amarillo Slim [Wikipedia]
2. Puggy Pearson [Wikipedia]
3. Doyle Brunson [Wikipedia]
4. Jack “Treetop” Straus [Wikipedia]
5. Johnny Moss [Wikipedia]
6. Roger Van Ausdall

1971 WSOP
Johnny Moss
Winner: Johnny Moss [Wikipedia]
Amount: $30,000
1. Johnny Moss [Wikipedia]
2. Puggy Pearson [Wikipedia]
3. Unknown
4. Unknown
5. Unknown
6. Unknown

1970 WSOP
Johnny Moss
Winner: Johnny Moss [Wikipedia]
Winner decided by vote.