Cashout From TonyG Poker = Send Your Money to TonyG

I’m not sure whether to applaud or ridicule this but because Neteller has been shut off from US players and they have no other way to get player’s back their money, they are recommending that in order to get your money off the site is to transfer it to Tony G who will transfer you the money on another site.

*The only way possible to withdraw your funds from Tony G. Poker at this time is by doing the following:

1) Transfer your funds to Tony, his player id is “Tony G”
2) Once the transfer is complete, send an email to “” detailing the amount you transferred, your player id, and one of the three accounts you would like your funds transferred to: UltimateBet, FullTilt, or PokerStars – also giving your player ID on the site you want your funds transferred to. (If you don’t have an account at one of those sites, please click on a banner on the left and open a real money account at the one of your choice).

Regrettably, there is no banking option open at this time since everything is being closed to USA citizens and the government’s strong arm tactics of protecting our borders from poker has removed yet another freedom.

I want you to know that I will do my best to guarantee payment to you and keep your faith in dealing with me. You can check back here for updates.

Okay, I think I’ll applaud it. If Tony G does what he says he’s going to do, it’s a stand-up thing for him satisfy his obligations to players even if it’s a complete pain in the butt for him. Sounds a lot better than other people holding onto people’s money right now who can’t seem to find a creative way to get it back to them.

All of this is, of course, a result of Tony G deciding to exit the US market. Tony G sounds a little bitter about the whole thing.

It’s a very, very sad day for Tony G. There are no options for me to keep the room open to USA players.

I feel very sad for all of you good folks in the USA but your government is very aggressive right now and is running loose. Neteller money has been seized from people that have done nothing wrong. Who knows if and when it will be returned to the people it belongs to. And where will the government stop in its quest to wipe out internet poker?

My legal advice is not to close, but the hosting company in Malta also wants to close the doors to USA players. I could still keep Tony G. Poker going, since I believe poker is a game of skill, but with the USA government on a rampage, happy to freeze the funds of players that only wanted to play poker, that will put everyone at great risk as we have no way to pay our USA players.*

Bill Rini

Bill Rini has been working in the online poker industry since 2004. He was a product manager for poker at Full Tilt and was the poker room manager at PartyPoker. Currently, Bill is the Head of Online Poker for WSOP.   Bill has been blogging about online poker since 2003 and is considered one of the leading authorities on the online poker industry.   "I like What Bill Rini said in his blog" - Doyle Brunson   "In other news, we had Bill Rini write an absolutely home run blog." Daniel Negreanu   "Industry insider Bill Rini has one of the most popular blogs in poker, with thousands of subscribers and fans regularly coming back for his universally respected insight into the industry" - Barry Carter (News editor for PokerStrategy, Co-Author: The Mental Game of Poker)

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  1. Haley says:

    I can confirm that at least one transfer via Tony G has indeed been made.

  2. snake says:

    damn bill… can we just direct our url over to your site…i’ve been trying to get something up on this Tony G deal and had the same damn headline as you.

  3. Kajagugu says:

    Too bad Tony G can’t just accept checks from US players and then transfer funds for them to other sites…. Hmmm, interesting idea.