UIGEA Rules Due Soon

Word on the street is that the long awaited rules that will provide the “how” part of the UIGEA will be out as soon as tomorrow and within a week at the latest. There will be an expected 60 – 90 day commenting period and then re-examination period which could take up to 180 days. …

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Other Neteller Founder Pleads Guilty

Can’t say this comes as any great shock but John David Lefebvre joined his partner Stephen Lawrence in pleading guilty. As I previously posted Lawrence’s plea all but guaranteed that Lefebvre would need to plead guilty as well.

Neteller Founder Pleads Guilty

The digital ink had barely dried from my last post about the good news for online poker overseas when news tickers started lighting up with word that Neteller founder Stephen Lawrence had copped a plea. I would have felt much better if he had been found guilty by trial because at least you know that …

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Why Supporters of the UIGEA Are Full Of It

I recently posted an letter that Focus on the Family sent out to members. Unfortunately it was so full of complete crap that in an attempt to replay to each and every issue I was not very thorough in my responses. Here are their talking points. We should make my responses the official PPA talking …

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