Neteller Founder Pleads Guilty

The digital ink had barely dried from my last post about the good news for online poker overseas when news tickers started lighting up with word that Neteller founder Stephen Lawrence had copped a plea. I would have felt much better if he had been found guilty by trial because at least you know that the guy went down swinging. I don’t mean to imply anything about Lawrence’s character with that last statement; only that by copping a plea it means that he and his lawyers must have looked at the mountain of problems about to fall on top of them and decided it was better to take the conspiracy rap and risk up to 5 years than it was to fight it.

The other disappointing part about this is that John Lefebvre is completely screwed now. Even if he wanted to fight on they can force Lawrence to testify against Lefebvre as part of Lawrence’s plea bargin.

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