Well, you better know something about Full Tilt Poker :-)

Hat tip to Pokerati and Al Can’t Hang for the pic.

3 thoughts to “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

  • ShawnS

    It’s awesome to see this hit the mainstream. I like how they added the words “Ponzi scheme”. They could have just said “defrauded” but went all the way. Hopefully the words “Bitar”, “Lederer” and “Ferguson” will become popular and synonymous with the word “Ponzi”. As one of their victims, it would bring some satisfaction.

  • Danilo "Deejay" Ruperto

    I hope this thing gets in order. I got some dollars in my fulltilt account also but I have some friends who got decent amount. I hope it get resolved!

  • mclub

    This full tilt thing has a lot more than meets the eye ;)

    have a look at my latest article about this at http://www.masterspokerclub.com/ its a different point of view, i´m not sure who to believe to be honest

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