Chris Ferguson Talks Business


Considering Ferguson’s recent settlement with the DOJ and his claim to have no idea that Ray Bitar was running his multi-billion dollar business into the ground, you gotta appreciate his advice on treating poker like a business. Sort of reminds me of the video of Howard Lederer talking business ethics. Both videos pretty much outline …

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Howard Lederer 2p2 PokerCast

I finished up listening to the Howard Lederer 2p2 PokerCast with Mike and Adam last night. Another, somewhat painful, three hours of Howard rehashing the rise and fall of Full Tilt Poker. I say painful because between the PokerNews interview and this, I’ve endured 6.5 hours of this story. A story where only about 1 …

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I Don’t Know

If you felt like the Lederer Files left a lot unanswered, take a stroll down memory lane with Howard as he I don’t know’s it through the interview.