Random Thoughts 03/15/04

Random thoughts going through my head tonight as I played online:

Why do people say “nh” about hands that were not very nice nor were they played well? Case in point, I folded pre-flop so I’m a spectator (i.e. I’m not emotionally involved). Two suited cards hit on the flop, everybody checks around, turn brings the third suited card and one guy comes betting out immediately. Everybody folds except one guy who sees the river with the bettor. The bettor bets out the fish calls and the bettor takes the pot with a T high flush. First, a T high flush isn’t exactly a “nice hand” but more importantly, the fish had no business calling the bettor’s turn or river bets as there was nowhere near enough pot odds to justify it. I have a theory though. Two types of people are overly generous with the “nh” comment:

Guys who play a lot of hands like 72o.

Guys who got sucked out but plan on taking that money back very soon.

The fish was definitely in the first crowd.