Random Thoughts 03/17/04

PokerTracker is an excellent tool for many reasons but one of the new ways I’ve found to use it is to uncover the re-loaders. Have you ever been playing and you see some guy sit down with something like $100 and then maybe an hour later you see him at $60 (with a good chunk of that $40 in your stack) and then all of a sudden you look over and he’s at $110? You’ve been answering emails and doing other stuff so maybe he dragged down a few big pots while you were distracted . . . or maybe not. PokerTracker can tell you if this guy re-loaded while you weren’t paying attention. You can see that he hasn’t suddenly improved his game that might make you play slightly differently against him nor has he run into a lucky streak of cards. PockerTracker tells you he’s down a total of $70 so you now that somewhere along the way he dipped back into his roll and you can now play accordingly.